New Proton out!

The new protons had been a total success and we just have a few of them left.

this machine was also “best of show award” in Singparoe and Australia Surf n Ink conventios.

You can order this machine as liner or shader. incredible force and super light weight, just 4.5oz


News from FK Irons -Finally found some time to post.

First of all I would like to thank all customers, friends and distributors that helped me take FK Irons to the next level. without your support it wouldn’t been possible.

Among the new announcements, I would like to share with you that Guy Aitchison is now also using FK Irons and his feedback has been very refreshing and encouraging to take the AL13 line even further. We n ow offer the AL13 with built in RCA that means that no adaptor is necessary.

FK Irons started the new year with a lot of traveling. We were pleased to support and sponsor the best of show in Singapore and Australia.

The Singapore convention was amazing, this is the second time Debra and company put an amazing show. They were very generous and helpful with us. FK Iron’s Artist Mick Squire was joining us at the booth and delighting the masses with great tattooing
I’d like to also thank the amount of customers in Asia that came to the booth to shop, talk, take pictures and/ or just say hello.

It is very rewarding to know that the machines are helping artists from all over the world and the feedback is just getting better.
Johan Finne from Sweden took the best of show winning a limited edition steel Galaxie II and AL13 Proton shader. Tim Hendrix took the second spot winning a FK Irons Galaxie II as well, therefore I am looking forward to be there next year and see everyone again.

The SurfnInk expo in Australia was amazing as well. This was the first show for the organizers “Gracias Marcos”.
Like I mentioned before, we were pleased to sponsor the best of show as well.
Nikko Hurtado was the lucky one to take home a brand new AL13 Proton shader.

Both trips were long but well worth it. From singapore I flew 30 hrs. back to Miami because I sold out at the Singapore show.
Thank goodness I had like 100 machines ready to go in my shop so I picked up 35 machines and flew back to Australia de very next day early in the morning (31 hrs). landing 1 hr before the Australia show begun.

To all the Aussies, please make sure to check us out at the Sidney convention in march. Mick from Protat and Tattoo Ink Supply (our distributor in Australia) invited us to the event.

I also have a bunch of conventions  lined up in the US, such as Tattoo Lapalooza in Miami, Hellcity in Ohio and AZ, NY convention, and many others to be announced.

Please keep checking out the blog for more conventions.


AL 13 Pyro, Now Shipping!

Yep the Pyro is out. Available as liner, shader. Two colors to choose from “Redneck and Raw”

Just a few of them made so hurry if you don’t want to be left out.


Ladies and Gentleman: AL13 – Galaxie II

All Colors are now Available. Will supply last.

AL 13  Galaxie II – READ ME and Tech Specs:

Aluminum Machines, exist from long time ago, since the days that builers dared to play around with new materials other than Iron and brass.

Most aluminum machines are just that, same heavy components with an aluminum frame, providing in some cases, little benefit or no benefit at all.

The new AL13 Galaxie II has been engineered inside out.

From the low vibration frame to it’s new hardware components, this machine sets itself apart from any from any other aluminum coil machine in the market.


To eliminate half or even more of the weight from traditional tattoo machines, FKI

spent hours of research and prototyping to ensure that this machine will not only perform

to it’s best and it’s name, but that also will offer a unique approach to the tattoo industry.


Weight in tattoo machines have cost to many artist irreversible health problems.

One of the most common condition is “Carpal Tunnel Syndrom”

This has forced many artists to switch to gear propelled by other methods, foreign to

their traditions and style. Many of them have dumped money in the trash-can “for the sake of lightness”

that later, forced them to switch back to their irons.


Our approach has been very basic “If it’s not broken don’t fix it…Just evolve it”

This simple attitude pushed FKI to finally design a Tattoo machine that makes sense,

keeping artist’s comfort and style in mind.


Ladies and Gentleman: FKI is proud to announce the machine that didn’t change but evolved along with the industry.


Weight: aprox: 4.5oz Unreal!


Coils: new 1.5 8 wrap system. Introducing a new gauge of copper wire to our coil line that 

will deliver less weight, brad range of work, slimmer look and no heat.



Aluminum anodized screws

-Aluminum washers.

-Steel screws just where force is needed: “coil deck and spring deck”.

– Ultra light Two pieces Thumb Nut made out of nylon and stainless steel which it removes a lot of the unnecessary weight. 

– Vise Wing Nut forge from Aircraft Aluminum.


Configurations: Galaxie II will push anything. from small 5 mags through big 50’s.+



AL 13 Galaxie ll-Now shipping 4.6oz!

Finally the Al 13 Galaxie II is shipping worldwide.
This machine is the combined effort of research, trial and the desire to bring coils back with a new approach.
Many companies have spent designing tattoo machines powered by other technologies.

Many artists have chronic cases of Carpal Tunnel forcing them to part with their coil gear and forced “to adapt” to something that hopefully will give them
similar results, in exchange of freeing out weight.

These same artists have noticed that the only advantage of non coil gear is just that “free weight” that comes with a machine that seems impossible to adapt, expensive gear to power the device and in some cases a gear
that makes it impossible to travel with it.

FKI spent the past two years thinking of new approach to an old idea. Time paid of and FK Irons is glad to introduce the lightest and most powerful coil machine in the market: AL13 Galaxie II weighting only 4.6oz.
The lightness of the machine came with a redesign of coils, frames and the addition of expensive machined material such as “Aircraft Aluminum”

Some of the hardware that you’ll find in this machine are new to the industry and perhaps never seen before in a coil machine:
a) CNC aircraft aluminum frame (crafted from a solid block of aluminum)
b) Anodized aluminum socket screws in binding posts, armature bar, vise.
c) Cold forged Aluminum Wingnut with a wide wing span.
e) Aluminum washers throughout.
f) Soon AL 13 will also carry aluminum binders with copper contact screw. (brass for now)
g) 2 pieces Nylon/ stainless steel lock nut for contact screw.
h) 1.5 – 6 wrap ultralight coil system. A redesign from FK’s 1.5 8 wraps. Same power with less weight.
i) Button Head Steel screws only to attach coils and Spring on spring deck. (area where hand force is required)
j) Anodized option for frames. (in a couple of weeks)
k) 1.2″ Eikon® springs.
l) Axial Mini capacitors on all models

 Here it is, first production is out. For order info visit fkirons.com.


Tattoo Machine Inside Out – First Book from FKI

Finally gathered balls to start writing the first FKI book.
This book will not only contain great machine info but also tattooing techniques and their machine setups from best coil artists around the globe.
This book will revise “inside out” classic tattoo machine setup and new approaches.
Can’t wait to finish it!
And yes, book will only be sold to established artists.


24K Gold Plated Galaxie II “One Of” Limited edition. Only one made

Have to check this out. I just got the machine from a jeweler friend who took the time to polish the raw steel machine and give it a bath of real 24k Gold.

Couldn’t resist to take a picture of this machine with my iphone and post here.

This machine has Gold plated wahsers, and a polish Gold plated Armature bar.

This machine is being built right now and it will go for auction on the FK Irons site. Past customers will be notified via newsletter before the machine comes available on the site.

This means that the machine may not even make the site.

Check this out!

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